January 19, 2012

Test drive

We were sure ready for the first ride after the wiring headache. We took the trailer around the block, which was a nice test overall due to all of the pot holes, the trailer proved sturdy enough. It also proved to be quite the learning experience for both of us. I've towed things before, but never with a 4 cylinder car which has absolutely no tow rating. Everything looked quite well when the trailer wasn't loaded as you can see.

One thing that I should add, before I took the trailer on the first test drive I dismantled the wheels and packed them tight with wheel bearing grease, this is a very important step that I should have elaborated on earlier.

And after loading it up with stuff, things didn't look quite as good. It appears that my car was not made for towing just as the car manual says. I estimated that I had at least 100 lbs of tongue weight which still isn't much and it caused the car to droop in the back. Oh well... we took our things back to our parents house even with a droopy car.

It rode alright at highway speeds, but was a bit tough going up hill. You could hear my car struggling.

Guess we'll have to add another expense to our trailer budget (A new car). Rebecca's car is due for an upgrade, and we need something with a bit lower mileage for our trip anyway.

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