May 21, 2012

Shelves & Stoves

When we last left the galley, we had planned out the kitchen, framed and insulated the interior walls, and built the counter.  The next step was to frame out some lower cabinets and upper shelving.  I started with the upper shelf since that was the easiest.  We had already selected some air tight containers for our food storage, so we wanted to make sure the shelf was large enough for them.  After some quick measurements and a few pocket holes later, we had a shelf!  When we framed the back wall, we had taken into account the height of the shelf, so that it could be screwed directly into the wall with no problems. 

Next up was a pull out shelf for the stove.  We bought a really simple two burner stove from Bass Pro Shops which was just large enough for what we wanted but still small enough to not take up too much space.  We used the same 1x2 pine we've been using everywhere to frame up a side wall and some supports for the brackets.  The brackets were actually some heavy duty drawer slides we found in the garage.  They had obviously been there for many years, but by adding a bit of grease and cleaning them up, they worked great!

The drawer will be covered with some aluminum or something similar to protect the wood from the heat of the stove - which also needs to be more permanently attached as well - but for now it looks awesome!


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