July 11, 2012

Hatch Updates

With the exterior now fully skinned, it was time to re-install the hurricane hinge for the hatch, add some lighting and hardware.  The plywood skin is only held onto the last spar with five screws so the end became a bit wavy looking as it dried.  However, the hinge is held in place quite a few more screws so we wern't too concerned. 

With the hinge installed, we were able to put the hatch back on and lay out the proper heights for the license plate light and tale lights. We decided on more decorative round LED tail lights and a fun vintage looking license plate light.  Both added to the retro feel we were going for with the trailer.

The lights were actually rather difficult to install.  Darrell had to cut two perfect circles in the plywood of the hatch so that they would fit tightly.  But once the holes were cut, they fit perfectly.  It was also nice to see the license plate hanging on the trailer too... one step closer!

For the hatch locking system, Darrell had the great idea to look at shed hardware.  He was able to find a great two point locking latch system that looked perfect.  As you turn the handle, it simultaneously moves two metal rods which we can be pocketed into the sidewalls of the trailer.  Many of the systems we saw utilized a chain system with I felt wouldn't be sturdy enough.  The metal rods looked much better.

Photo from www.atlanticshed.com

To install the handle, we first installed a piece of scrap oak between tow of the hatch spars to act as blocking.  then we simply drilled a hole through and screwed the handle in place so that the closed position was horizontal.  After the interior skin of the hatch is done, we can install the rods.

The back is finally starting to look complete.  Unfortunately everything has to come off before we paint the roof, but it looks great for now!

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  1. I've enjoyed reading through your posts and look forward to seeing the completed project. Thanks for sharing and good-luck on the travels.