August 9, 2012

The maiden voyage

We were finally DONE!!!  After months of designing, building, freezing, sweating and figuring we finally were able to hook up the trailer and take the trailer on her first test drive!  It was so exciting to be able to back up the car, hook up the trailer and go.

I did manage to take some final interior shots of the trailer before we hooked up the trailer to our car.

Hooking everything up…

And away we go!

After a bumpy ride down our street (they have been doing some serious road work in Providence and we might as well have been off roading it was so bad) we turned onto the Blackstone Boulevard.  This is a long, straight road near our apartment with a running path down the middle.  It was so fun driving down and having joggers literally stop and stare after us!

Parked on the Boulevard

It's still there!

We finally ended in a nearby parking lot to check things over and take some photos.  Everything seemed intact and all of the lights still worked!  YAY!  The extra fun part was that two separate cars actually pulled up next to us asking questions about the trailer and commenting on how cool it was.  So flattering!

We took this initial test drive on July 20th which now seems so long ago!  After a few more tweaks to the trailer, we spent the last week and a half of July packing up our entire apartment and moving all of our things to a storage unit in Berkshire County.  Finally on July 31st, we packed up the remainder of our things and the trailer and left Rhode Island for good.  Then, four days later, we hit the road on our big adventure.  We’ve been taking loads of photos, so hopefully soon I can start posting about our travels as we wind our way across the U.S.!

Cars and trailer packed and ready to go!


  1. Yay! Thanks for the posts! I've been following and waiting for the finale -
    Looking forward to the trip photos!

  2. Congrats - I followed this epic journey right from the start.

    May you find what you are looking for on your travels that lie ahead

  3. Very very well done.

    I have been following this blog since Rebecca's mom told me about it months ago! Have fun!

    Rebecca's mom high school classmate

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  5. I'm curious how much this entire trailer cost you to build? I'm trying to decide whether to build one, or just buy one.

    1. We are going to be posting a brief recap of our expenses of this entire trailer and trip soon. Things got a bit out of hand with our lives and the blog kind of took a downturn unfortunately, Rebecca is working on it though! Overall we think the whole trailer was around probably $5K we think... we could have done it for cheaper but since it was our first time doing something like this we had a few oops moments, and we tended to lean more towards some higher quality components like the plywood sides, etc.