December 18, 2011


After 6 years of living in the real world (aka - not college) we've come to the conclusion that the path we are following might not be exactly what we wanted after all.  We are finding that we are letting the daily grid of our jobs wear us down and aren't taking the time do the things that make us happy.  For the last couple of years, we've been hacking away at our debt and squirreling away as much as we could into savings and have finally gotten to the point where we can make the changes we've been waiting for - we are ready to 'turn-about'.

Over the next few months, our big project and first step in this direction is to build a teardrop trailer.  We are fortunate that our apartment has a tiny back yard and since it’s the middle of the winter, our landlord gave us full reign go ahead with our build.  Though we have some skills (Rebecca works in architecture and Darrell is a mechanical engineer) we have never built anything like this before and are learning as we go.  This is also ultimately a great test to see if we can design and build something together without killing each other!

With the trailer completed, we will have the ability to pack up and go at a moments notice  - to travel the country and have new adventures.  Our hope is to fan out beyond New England and visit as many national parks as we can while always having home with us.  And as we travel along we can figure out the next direction our lives will take!

~ Rebecca & Darrell


  1. I totally like that idea!
    If you need somebody that can handle an angle grinder or can do a little welding, let me know.
    Rock on!

  2. Thanks! Unfortunately there won't be much welding or grinding because we bought a pre-made trailer (details in an upcoming post)... but when we really get going with the build, help would always be appreciated :D

  3. So awesome! I don't know how I didn't know about this!!!!! I'm so excited for you guys! And if you end up building an extra trailer...

  4. Thank for sharing your project. I ran across it on the "tinyhouseblog" website. My most sincere admiration to you for coming to your realizations about freedom and simplicity. Who wants to "keep up with the Joneses" when their debt has made them miserable? Turn about!


  5. so glad i found your blog. sounds like an awesome project. you guys are so inspiring!


  6. I read the entire thing at one sitting. I like the combination of the build and the trip. OUTSTANDING... At age 65, this is still something I want to do.

  7. Great blog, just found it now hooked on following your progress.