June 19, 2012

The Whiskey Barrel

The last step to finishing up the interior cabin was to cover up the gaps and seams that were left when we installed the interior skin.  We also wanted to cover up all of the screws that we used to secure it to to the spars, or at least make it look more intentional.

The gaps left after installation and visible screw heads

Because we were planning on using aluminum trim around the doors and galley hatch, we though the easiest solution would be to carry on with that them.  Another thought, was to find a metal that was actually magnetic so that it would allow us to hang things from the trim - it could be attractive and functional.  Darrell ended up finding a sheet of galvanized thin gauge steel that he cut into 1 1/2" wide and 1" wide strips.  The 1 1/2" wide strips were sized to cover the larger seams and side gaps.  The 1" wide strips were perfect to cover up the exposed screw heads.

After cutting the strips to the length needed, we used a file to smooth the edges and then pre-drilled holes at the attachment points.  We attached the metal strips to the plywood using construction adhesive and twist nails.  These were perfect, not only because the spiral flutes would prevent the nails from working themselves out, but the heads were actually rounded which added a nice detail.

The finished product covered everything up perfectly and really gave the interior a custom look.  Darrell says it looks like a wine barrel, but I think a whiskey barrel is a cooler description :)

Note: To install the trim more easily, we took off the reading lights, but they had already been wired so we left them hanging for the time being.  Hopefully they will be put back soon!


  1. This is looking really fantastic! How did you cut the metal strips so evenly?

    1. Darrell was actually able to cut these strips from scraps at his work before he quit. They have a full shop and he used a 4' long shear... which is a big machine with a sharp blade. A couple of the smaller pieces he did do by hand with tin snips though.

  2. Have you seen the whiskey barrel saunas?...would be easy to convert to a trailer and set on a flatbed...